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Anti-doping seminar “Preventing Doping in Professional and in Grassroots Sport through Education and Investigation”

    Under the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018, a seminar will be organised to highlight the fight against doping in sport at EU level. It aims to enhance the transnational cooperation in the field of anti-doping education and investigation. The event is expected to provoke a discussion among Member States and other stakeholders, to raise public awareness about doping threats and to share good practices on how to tackle such issues. It will bring together representatives of Member States governments and national anti-doping organisations who will be able to have direct interaction with the WADA, Interpol, Council of Europe, UNESCO, NGOs dealing with anti-doping issues, and last, but not least the representatives of the European Commission. Based on the EU policies, measures and conclusions, this seminar will target both professional and grassroots sport. In order to add value at EU level to previous anti-doping activities and to give solid ground / to upgrade / for further future actions and policies. The final report of the seminar will summarise the presentations and discussions; propose a set of concrete recommendations for future actions at EU Level and will contain the complete list of the participants.

    Invitation | Draft agenda | Practical note | Save the date

    Presentations of the seminar guests - DAY 1 | DAY 2 
    Final report 
    PHOTOS - DAY 1 | DAY 2
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